Enabling Distraction Free Writing #Enabling Distraction Free Writing

To enable Distraction Free Writing mode, click on the Toggle Full Screen button in the toolbar (it’s the second button from the right, in the first row), or use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+G.

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Enabling Distraction Free Writing

When you first switch on Distraction Free Writing, you’ll see a minimal toolbar, a title, and your post’s (or page’s) content. Everything works like it does in the Visual Editor – you can use the toolbar or the keyboard shortcuts to add links, images, etc.

Text To Replace.com

The minimal interface will make you so focused, you’ll be able to write in fake Latin

But once you let go of the mouse and get to writing, the real magic starts to happen. The toolbar, the word count, even the borders around the writing area – everything will fade away to leave you with nothing but your words. No distractions.

Text To Replace.com

As you start writing, everything fades away to leave you with nothing but your words

To use the toolbar or check the word count, just move the mouse around. Click on Exit fullscreen to go back to the normal editing screen.

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